Rent Software

Many things can be rented, so why not rent software over the internet?

Here at RentASoft we aim to provide you with the choice when it comes to buying software. We will let you pay for how long you actually need to use the software for (week, month or unlimited use).

RentASoft allows you to rent software simply and easily, it is just a case of installing the chosen RentASoft product on your computer, entering your license details. The product is then available for you to use for as long as your license lasts (1 week, 1 month or unlimited).

  • Spending a lot on software that you hardly use?
  • Want to try the full version of the software without spending too much money?
  • Always have the most up-to-date version of the product.

Once your renting period has ended (either after a week or a month) the product will need to be activated again. To activate the product again simply purchase either a week, month or unlimited license for the product.

When reactivating the product there is no need to reinstall it.

To rent or buy software from RentASoft, simply click on the "Buy" button available on each of our software product pages. You then be able to select how long you need the software for.